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Citizen's Climate Lobby (UK) campaign for the adoption of the Carbon Fee and Dividend (also known as Climate Income) and provide advice on how people can most effectively lobby their MPs. We have included below a version of their template letter, which you can adapt as you wish to send to your own MP. You can find your MP's contact details here.

Dear (your MP),

To stabilise the economy, post-Corona – act to stabilise the climate 

I’m aware of the extraordinary strain the Corona crisis must have brought to you [and your family], given the special burdens of your position as our MP as well as the restrictions which affect us all.  It’s been a tough time.

However, as we now look at the recovery – and in particular, the huge financial problems the country faces – I need to ask you to consider the far, far worse costs the future holds unless immediate and decisive action is taken to address climate change.

This is all the more relevant since the policy advocated by a large number of economists as the most effective first step to stabilising the climate – Carbon Fee and Dividend (also known as Climate Income) -  provides the elements most needed to stabilise the economy as the country shifts out of lockdown: financial stimulus, redress for the most vulnerable, incentives for the green initiatives essential for future growth, and, not least,  immense co-benefits for health.

Numerous studies have shown that:

1) Imposing a predictable, rising price on all fossil fuels, at source, will create breakthroughs in new initiatives in clean energy, renovation and conservation (as well as rewarding green choices and healthy behaviours such as walking and cycling, etc).

2)  Returning the revenue in equal measure to all citizens will provide a general financial stimulus – at no additional cost whatsoever to our debt-burdened government.

3) Those hardest hit by the Corona crisis, and most in need of aid – the most low-paid and financially insecure – are those who will benefit most from the resulting shift in costs and benefits

4) The sheer financial co-benefit of lowered pollution has been estimated by noted economist Prof. Shi Ling Hsu at nearly twice the amount of any rise in fossil fuel price – a health benefit sorely needed by our beleaguered NHS.

Would you please consider these points and let me know if you’re able to discuss this further, either by an online/video meeting or other communication method of your choice.

 In lieu of a Minister for Climate Change who could coordinate the inter-departmental action needed to address this subject, I request that you  forward this letter to the Rt. Hon. Rishi Sunak, MP, Chancellor;  the Rt. Hon. Alok Sharma, MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy; and Kwasi Karteng, MP, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth.

I look forward to hearing from you.

(Yours, etc)

 Other points that could be made:

Note how solidly this country has come together, once people understood what was needed.  Change is possible.

Country comparisons have made the benefit of preparedness, decision,  and good communications undeniable in the case of  this pandemic, and the same holds true of climate change.